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The traveling types often look to expand a vacation experience with sights far beyond the resort package with the typical hotel life. The Sailing Collective is a truly unique travel company that adds adventure and thrill back into the vacation experience, a glimpse into the heritage of travel and great journeys.

The Sailing Collective organizes week-long sailing vacations and group retreats throughout the world onboard modern charter sailboats captained and crewed by the Sailing Collective professionals and chefs with up to 8 passengers aboard.

Personable and affable, the Sailing Collective crew goes beyond the ordinary concierge service by sailing groups of travelers to hidden coves; exploring local restaurants on seaside islands and facilitating cultural emersion throughout the world. With Sailing Collective, the itinerary is decided daily in discussions with travelers and crew together as real explorers looking at there weather conditions and the vibe of the day. Once arriving at a seaside village along the archipelago, an evening can very from a quite night cooking aboard using the freshest of local ingredients to walking the town in search for where the locals get down and boogie.

The corporate regatta

The Regatta is an interactive experience designed for everyone, sailors and non-sailors alike. With the professional Sailing Collective captain leading each boat acting as team coach, everyone will receive a hands on experience focusing on teamwork and excitement.

There is plenty of action during each regatta, tacking upwind, rounding the marks and running downwind where we end at our final destination at a marina or anchorage where we will windows over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before either group dinning ashore or family style dinners aboard prepared by the each boats Sailing Collective professional chef.

A Sailing Collective Cooperate Regatta requires two boats minimum to particulate in ‘match racing’ and we can host up to 10 sailing yachts during a 5 to 7 day retreat. Catamaran and monohull sailboats are both available ranging from three to five double cabins hosting up to 8 travelers + Sailing Collective captain and chef.

The accommodations and culinary experience

Sailing Collective has access to a large fleet of sailing boats and yachts worldwide. We have an internal team of brokers with in-depth knowledge of each boat we provide for the Sailing Collective experience. Boats range from 40’. - 60’ +. accommodating from two to ten travelers.

• Adventure off-shore sailing charter boats 30’ - 50’

• Luxury catamarans 40’ - 65’

• Cruising monohulls 45’ - 60’

• Luxury yachts 60’ +

• Charters with 1 up to 10 boat flotillas

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